Hey Drummers,

This is another installment of the basic beats series. So far we have looked at BLUES SHUFFLE, JAZZ, REGGAE, and ROCK. Here we are checking out some Afro Cuban drum grooves. These sound great and are loads of fun to play.

The Afro Cuban drum pattern in six eight is the result of an exciting cultural mix of Sub-Saharan Africa, and Cuba. Afro Cuban music is centered upon the clave, which translates as ‘key’, and in this instance we are using the bembe clave.

Watch the video below to learn this Afro Cuban drum beat. It first shows how to play the Bembe clave. It then shows a more traditional Afro Cuban drum kit pattern, before demonstrating a couple of patterns that could be used to spice up your playing in any genre that you play, whether it’s rock, pop, funk, metal or anything else.

I love playing Latin rhythms, especially on the drum kit where the parts of several hand percussionists have been combined to be played by one person on the drum kit. A great exercise for limb independence.

So watch the video below, download the sheet music and get your Afro Cuban grooves going.