Using paradiddles to create an effective drum kit warm up routine

Now we all know that paradiddle are exciting and fun right? By spending hours working on these exercises in the practice room we become nicer human beings, more popular in society, increase our chances of meeting the love of our life and so on.

Ok, well maybe not but hopefully you realise how important they are in your development as a drummer. With the combination of playing singles and doubles within the exercise, they really open up the possibilities for playing different grooves and moving around the drum kit freely.

Here I wanted to show you a quick video that I find to be an effective drum warm up and really useful for developing my dynamics with accents and ghost notes.

We are looking at inverting the paradiddles here, and in doing so we change the way we play each accent so that you really develop the ability to place an accent anywhere within a phrase.

The video shows the standard paradiddle first, before inverting it three times. It then returns to the standard paradiddle.

Learn each exercise individually and slowly before playing them all together as a sequence.