Hey Drummers,

Here is a look at the wonderful drum beat that came to this world courtesy of Zigaboo Modeliste when he recorded it for the Meters track ‘Cissy Strut’. This has a great New Orleans feel and is a lot of fun to play. It’s just another of those classic drum beats that every drummer would benefit from knowing and being able to play. Even if you never get asked to fill in for Zigaboo at a Meters gig, this groove will definitely bring new inspiration and ideas into your own rhythmic creations.

Visit my Youtube channel for other classic beats such as Steve Gadd’s 50 ways to leave your lover, Joe Morello’s Take Five, Vinnie Colaiuta’s Seven Days, and a whole load more.

 The video has broken down the pattern into each beat of the bar, and it would ideally be watched with the PDF notation print out to help you learn and understand how the beat works.

Enjoy the video and learning this great pattern.