Immigrant Song Drum Beat – JohnBonham – Led Zeppelin

Hey Drummers,

Having previously looked at classic drum beats such as Seven Days, Ain’t Nobody, Late in the Evening, and more, this posting checks out the Immigrant song by John Bonham and Led Zeppelin.

This powerful song driven by that powerhouse Bonham was released on the imaginatively titled third album from led Zeppelin ‘Led Zep III’ in 1970. Beneath the wailing cries of Robert Plant and the super heavy riffing from Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones lies the heavy beat of John, with a large element of funk drumming in the 16th note bass drum patterns.

The video below attempts to break that down and show one possible foot technique to help play this pattern up to speed.

Watch the video below for a breakdown of the drum beat.

And watch the man himself in the video below that.