Hey Drummers,

Here is the penultimate fill idea based upon this Six Stroke Roll fill series. The first fill was the Motown fill. The second tom and cymbal accents. The third idea was the bass drum substitutes.

And now we are going to use the same phrasing from the tom accents idea, but play it as a different subdivision. As a six note pattern, the six stroke roll fits neatly into any ternary grouping such as triplets or sextuplets. But to spice things up, we can also create a six stroke roll fill by playing it over different subdivision groupings where it doesn’t fit quite so conveniently.

Here we are playing the six stroke roll over 16th notes. There are four sixteenth notes in a beat so we now have a six note pattern being played over a four note pattern. This creates an interesting sound because six doesn’t fit into four. Therefore the six note pattern takes 1.5 beats of sixteenth notes. So two six stroke rolls occupy three quarter notes broken down in sixteenth notes.

In the video below, I have played the six stroke roll until it resolves back on to beat one. This takes three whole bars to occur. When using this type of fill, you may only want it to last for one bar, half a bar, two bars, or whatever suits the music. That is fine, you can break out of the pattern whenever you want and return to your groove – but if you want it to resolve you must play it for three bars.

Watch the video below.

Have fun with this, and hopefully you will take the idea of playing fills in less predictable groupings to your own level through experimentation to see what you can create.