Hey Drummers,

This is the first in a series of very short videos looking at a great rudiment: The Six Stroke Roll.

WAIT…………….before you run for the hills at the mention of that terrible word ‘rudiment’ just check out the video first.

The focus here is on using the simple rudiments around the drum kit to create some exciting fills. By applying these exercises to our playing, we open up so many more possibilities and creative avenues which would otherwise not have been available to us as musicians. Just check out Steve Gadd for an example of how great rudiments can sound when integrated into many popular applications.

This first blog focuses on the six stroke roll used to create a classic Motown style drum fill. Check out the Temptations track ‘Ain’t too proud to beg’ for just one Motown example.

Watch the video below. And then if you still hate rudiments, well that’s fine but there’ll be no shortage of examples of rudiments being used in nearly all the best stuff you will ever hear played on a drum kit. They are the core of everything we drummers play.

End of lecture – enjoy the video.