Hey Drummers,

Here is the final fill idea based upon this Six Stroke Roll fill series. By now you should be really feeling the improvement of the basic rudiment and each new example that I post should be achievable that much quicker.  The first fill was the Motown fill. The second tom and cymbal accents. The third idea was the bass drum substitutes. The last one was the 16th note fill idea.

Here we are playing the six stroke roll as per the tom accent example with the right hand accent on the floor tom and the left hand accent on the high tom. But we are now also extending the pattern by adding as extra RLL on the end. This now creates a 9 note pattern and when played as a loop, it creates an even more interesting phrasing.

Once you are comfortable with the basic pattern on the snare drum, move around the kit as detailed above and demonstrated on the video. The additional RLL are phrased in the same way, with the right hand accent on the floor tom and the ghosted Left Left on the snare drum.

Watch the video below and, as always, work the idea slowly make sure it’s always even and with correct dynamics. Take this as an idea, of which there are many more, so that you can experiment by adding other notes on the end, or at the beginning, or many in the middle somewhere. Think about how you could move them around the kit. Add bass drums, cymbals, hi-hats, etc. Use all of the ideas that I have presented and start to add your own to it. See what you come up with and have fun!

Please email me if you have any other ideas you would like me to focus on in future postings.