Hey Drummers,

Following on from the last blog which demonstrated the 13 Essential N.A.R.D. (National Association of Rudimental Drummers) rudiments, this blog demonstrates a further 13 rudiments which are equally important in your progression as a drummer. As mentioned in the previous blog, these are very important exercises that help a drummer to learn the sticking patterns and techniques that are required to play a majority of what a drummer will ever play, be it a beat, fill or solo. When watching many of the great drummers, the incredibly difficult patterns can often be broken down and learnt quickly be discovering which rudiments they were using.

N.A.R.D. designated the 13 essential rudiments as an entry requirement to becoming a member of the association. If you could perform these rudiments, you could join the club. But then they also designated these further 13 for those who had the motivation and dedication to their art to become the best drummer they could.

Please watch the video if you are interested.