Hey Drummers,

Following on with the basic beats lesson series, this post focuses on the beginner jazz drum beat. We previously looked at the beginner ROCK beat, and the BLUES shuffle pattern. Then we looked at REGGAE which has a totally different approach on the drum kit.

Well jazz also has a very different approach. For a start it is swung, meaning that it is based on a triplet subdivision. Furthermore, where rock uses the bass drum (right foot) and snare (left hand) to drive it, jazz relies on the hi-hat pedal (left foot) and ride cymbal (right hand), so the opposite limbs have taken prominence here. This may take some getting used to if you are a rock player.

Jazz is a very exciting style for drummers to listen to and play so it is definitely worth exploring this genre if you haven’t already. See the video below for full explanations and get started with your jazz playing.