Welcome to this article which hopes to introduce you to a great sounding jazz drum lick. If you’re a fan of jazz drumming, or fancy a little foray into this style, then this jazz drum lick will either give you a new idea or maybe spark your interest.

The video lesson which accompanies this demonstrates the six stages that I have also presented in sheet music form.

1. Example one shows us the basic jazz ride and hi-hat pattern. You must get pretty familiar with this before attempting the entire jazz drum lick. Remember it’s swung!

2-5. The next four examples simply show each beat from the bar (example 6) as separate exercises looped four times. This allows you to break it down and become familiar with the four beats that make up the whole exercise.

6. The last example gives us the finished pattern with a bar of time after to create a two bar loop.

Take ideas from this pattern and try adding you own variations. Write them down or create them in your head and just try different combinations to see what works. Also, listen to jazz so you can get inside the style as well. Don’t whack the snare like it’s a heavy metal backbeat; try to be authentic and stylistically accurate.