Hey Drummers,

Here we are looking at the classic drum pattern from ‘Late in the evening’ by Paul Simon with the mighty Steve Gadd on drums. So far in this series we have looked at FIFTY WAYS TO LEAVE YOUR LOVE, SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT and CHAMELEON, so it may surprise you that we are already returning to a Gadd/Simon collaboration. BUT, my view is that you can never spend too much time examining the Gadd grooves so lets get on with it.

The ‘Late in the evening’ drum groove is based upon the Mozambique pattern so it’s necessary to get to grips with that single element before adding the other limbs. Once you’ve gone through each stage and have the whole beat together, you will no doubt find it to be one of those great patterns to play, that just flows and feels as good as it sounds.

Watch the video below, and go to the original album and check out the man himself playing this pattern on the 1980 offering ‘One trick pony’.