Hey Drummers,

Last week we looked at the classic drum beat from the Paul Simon track FIFTY WAYS TO LEAVE YOUR LOVER with the almighty Steve Gadd on drums. Continuing with this series of classic beats, this week we are looking at a groove performed by a little known drummer known as Dave Grohl. You probably haven’t heard of him as he’s up and coming. Despite being over 20 years old, this track still sounds fresh to me and the drumming from the album ‘Nevermind’, from which this track is taken, still inspires drummers today.

This is a very powerful drum beat with quarter note hi-hats powering it along whilst the busier bass and snare notes have more of a funk feel but played with the power and intensity that definitely place them in the rock camp. Although we are only looking at the intro/chorus groove to the track here, the verse pattern is much simpler and beyond that there are just a few fills.

Have fun learning it and I’m sure once you know it, you’ll find yourself using it in many other situations as well, becuase it is a very versatile and effective pattern.