I was recently asked to record  some drum tracks for an interesting project via my recording website. It was for a Greek music company that wanted some rock songs played for testing on a product they sold. I was interested in the product they created because it is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their drum recording sound.

This is great for producers and song writers that create music but as technology develops and becomes more affordable, there are increasing numbers of drummers such as myself that have the facilities to record and mix drums themselves. I run a great drum studio with great gear that can get a great sound. I know a few others with studios at a similar level to mine but I also know many people that are just starting to experiment with a home studio and have a greater challenge when trying to produce high end sounding results.

The product in question is called Drumatom and it's produced by a company called Accusonus. The whole concept is a plugin that can totally eliminate bleed from other microphones. So to understand this, think about when you isolate your snare microphone and listen back. Chances are you hear quite a lot of the hi-hat coming through because of it's proximity to the snare. Because so much bleeds in you might find that any heavy compression or EQ doesn't achieve the required results because it also affects the hi-hat that has bled into the snare mic. With Drumatom you can eliminate that hi-hat bleed so you are free to process the snare and only the snare as much as you want.

So I suspect this has a very practical use in allowing us to process individual mic channels much more freely without comprising other parts of the sonic spectrum. Because it is a plugin it also means that it is compatible with any DAW that you are using and with minimal controls making this very user friendly.

Now I have no affiliation with Drumatom other than the fact that they hired me as a session drummer to record for them. And I should add that I have never used the product. But I am a drummer that records drums regularly and I think this sounds very interesting.

So there you go; if you record drums and want to know more about the products that exist to help us do a better job then you might want to check this product out.

Here is a video by Pro Tools Expert which shows how this product works.

Visit the product website and watch a video about how this works within your DAW below.