I was recently approached by Sky News to review two new bits of drum learning and creative technology as the ‘Drum Expert’. Their words – not mine!

The show went out over the weekend and can be seen below.

I often speak to people that want to practice drums and be creative but can’t have a drum kit at home because they are too big, too noisy, too expensive. It’s a familiar story and all of us drummers have had to make a compromise somewhere down the line. These limitations actually stop all drum practice.

Traditionally we have used practice pads, used silencers or drum mutes on the drums, or used electronic drum kits which are increasingly becoming more impressive.

With a greater focus on this side of the market and new technology allowing greater things, I’m always interested in ways to help people become more creative and I wanted to share these bits of kit with you as they might just help you out.

My full comments were edited down for the news clip (I do ramble on after all) but the basic gist was that I thought both of these were fantastic bits of kit. For someone living in a small, terraced house with neighbours close by, someone that lives away from home all week and can’t practice in their hotels, someone in shared accommodation or flats, or someone with very grumpy neighbours or even family members, then products like this make the difference between not playing at all and being able to progress as a drummer and get creative.

I don’t see these being used in a serious way such as live performance or studio work, but I really think these could be a lot of fun and great for enabling people to practice the drums.

The bits of kit were Aerodrums and Jambe.

Rather than explain what they do I think the Sky News item below tells it better or you can check out the product pages in the company links above.