This latest installment of the basic beats series follows on from the JAZZREGGAEBLUES and ROCK video drum lessons.

Here we are looking at the style from Trinidad and Tobago know as Soca or Calypso. The Soca drum pattern is a very lively and exciting groove which can be incorporated into lots of other styles once you know how to play it.

It features a driving four on the floor bass drum pattern, and interesting hi-hat pattern with openings on every ‘&’, and a neat syncopated snare phrase over the top. It’s a great drum groove to get people dancing.

This is really a basic starting point to learning a Soca drum pattern. If you enjoy this introduction, go and listen to the style of music to hear the authentic patterns and how the drum playing applies to the style in a musical context. You can then delve deeper into the style and traditions of this country to become an expert.

As always learn the pattern slowly and gradually speed it up. Once you know it, begin to add variations and fills to bring the groove to life.