A little food for thought.

As these blogs often look at the history of the drum kit and the drummers who shaped the genres we listen to today, I know it’s sometimes tempting to ask, “Why does history matter?” Albert Einstein who was nearly as clever as the average rock drummer once said, “If you want to know the future, look into the past.”

I believe that to take music to the next stage, an understanding of what has come before is crucial, so that we can learn and accomplish what those great drummers achieved before us. And with that knowledge and those skills we can push beyond into new territory which would never have been possible without that foundation to build upon.

With that in mind, to help us examine some more historical drumming here’s a video of Animal from the Muppets. A great drummer who is seen here in battle with another chap who is trying his hardest to learn from Animal’s skills. Legend has it that this young man did actually go on after this experience and took drumming to new levels.

By the way, that Einstein geezer also said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” So get back on the kit and try something new today, something that you wouldn’t normally do. Maybe play your favourite beat with reversed sticking so that the left hand plays the right hand’s part and vice versa. Maybe try your favourite fill backwards. Maybe play in a new style or time signature or tempo or anything you want. After all Buddy Rich, Animal or Einstein wouldn’t be afraid to do so.