Grab 55% discount off my drum books and more

Hey drummers,

My publishers have given me a great discount that I want to pass on to you guys in case you want to get any of my drum books before Christmas.

If you do then now is a great time as you can get 55% off the price. The two books I have published through Rowman & Littlefield are 'The Drum: A History' and 'Drum Kit Secrets - 52 Strategies for the Advanced Drummer'; catchy name huh!

The fist one details the total history of the drum from the earliest evidence right up to the modern drum kit and studio technology. It's very in depth and goes into great detail to try and uncover where our favourite instrument came from.

The drum secrets book has one tip for each week in the year to help people become the best drummer they can. It covers everything from playing technique, timing, studio techniques, health, stage fright and loads more. It's a useful book for anyone serious about improving on the drums. Well I would say that wouldn't I!

Anyway, if you are interested simply head over to Rowman & Littlefield in the US or NBN if you're not in the US and search for the books. Use the code AUTH1555 before 31st December to enjoy a huge discount.