Drumless track to practice drums with this Christmas

Hi drummers,

As it's nearly Christmas I thought I'd share this slightly weird festive drumless backing track with you. It's a messed up version of Jingle Bells without drums so you can provide the rhythms.

The style is drum and bass so it is accordingly quick at 170bpm. The generic drum and bass rhythm is not difficult per se but maintaining the 8th note hi-hat part at 170bpm for the duration is a challenge.

Technique is the key so use the fingers, allow the stick to bounce and don't tense up. If nothing else this is a good excuse to review your technique and try to develop it up to this level.

And if this doesn't get you in the festive mood then you are a lost cause!

If you want to check out some live drum and bass drumming, two guys that I enjoy watching are the Andy Gangadeen and Jojo Mayer so get on YouTube and kill some time getting inspired. As well as their great technique, watch how they use electronics and alternative drum sounds to work sonically in a very electronic based genre.